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  • It is extremely difficult to give an accurate price for the repair of a computer over the phone without first diagnosing it. We often receive calls that ask "My computer is not working How much is it to fix it" Clearly that is a very difficult question to answer.

    Customers have come into our shop and we have fixed their computer in a matter of minutes and they have left without being charged anything whilst others bring in complex faults that we time and skills to resolve.

    So to make things fair for all of us we operate as follows:

    If you bring in a Windows-based computer for repair then we ask you to give us the authority to work up to the value of £150 without further consultation. This does not mean that your repair will cost £150 but it allows us to diagnose, fix and test computers for a reasonable fee.

    For Apple products, we ask for authority for up to £180.

    These two figures include any parts, our labour and of course VAT.

    If your computer is likely to cost more than that then we will provide you with a no-obligation quotation. So for example, if the cost of repairing your computer including labour, parts and VAT is going to be £151/£181 then we will contact you and tell you that. If you decide to go ahead then that is great but if you feel that the cost is too expensive then we will just return your computer to you without any further charge

    We do not charge a diagnosis fee - we feel that charging someone to tell them how much a repair will cost is not cost-effective for the client.

    If your computer is not repairable then we call that a No Fix No Fee and as the name suggests we only charge if we fix it and if we cannot then we do not charge.

    We also offer what is called BER. That stands for Beyond Economical Repair. This means that if the cost of repairing your computer is just not worth it then we will tell you that and then it is up to you to decide if you want us to go ahead anyway or not

    If you need clarification on any of this then just give us a call.