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  • A weighty problem

    16th April 2019

    One of my clients who is based in the Midlands sent me her HP Elitebook that have suffered some form of failure. She shipped it down to me using the Royal Mails' guaranteed delivery service at a cost of £14 Quite reasonable when you consider that it is insured for up to £500. It took a couple of days to repair and today I took it over the Chiswick Post Office as the ones near us all [...]

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    Stay Straight Stay Safe

    11th April 2019

    We get a lot of laptops in for repair and with those laptops, most customers also bring us in their laptop power supply. This normally consists of two parts. The mains cable and the power unit itself which takes it down from 240v to say 19v. Yesterday the 10th April we have a bit of an experience with one customers cable. Haveng already repaired her laptop we plugged in her power supply [...]

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    Risk of fire from HP Laptop

    10th April 2019

    HP is recalling 78,500 laptops due to a battery overheating issue with the subsequent risk of fire following the January 2018 recall of an intial 50,000 laptops. In a statement on the HP website HP is urging anybody who uses an affected model to request a replacement battery and apply a software update that switches their battery in to safe mode preventing it from charging. Fires from faulty[...]

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    Our Remote Management Tool alerted us today that a client hard drive was low on disk space. If allowed to go on his machine will slowly grind to a halt. Fortunately we monitor their computers 24/7 from our Hammersmith office and have now put a plan in to place to resolve the problem. At the time of writing this post he doesnt even realise it yet!   As well as monitoring and[...]

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    I recently had an exchange of emails with a customer that we had not seen for about 10 years. Apparently help was needed with a single desktop that just would not connect to the internet. The customer explained that all the other machines in the house, it was a residential customer, worked fine but her son's desktop just would not connect to the internet.. So a visit was arranged for one [...]

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