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  • Laptop repair is probably the job that we do the most. We are faced with a wide range of issues including:

    Health Checks From slow laptops to those infected
    Hard Disk Replacement Either just to upgrade to a faster SSD or to replace a old or failed mechanical drive
    Hinge Damage Sometimes the hinges work themselves loose or snap or crack. We can tighten or replace them
    Case Damage Often cause by the laptop being dropped or through hinge damage we can replace the plastic casing to your laptop
    Memory Upgrades Computer running slow? We would suggest a memory upgrade or a health check
    Liquid Damage From water to baby's vomit to brockley & stilton soup to vindaloo we have successfully cleaned them all
    Broken Screens Quite a common fault we can change the screen on your laptop
    Replacemet keyboards Usually caused by liquid damage but we have even had them in where the kids pull off all the keys!