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    • Can I just bring in my computer for repair without calling first?


      We are open Monday to Friday from 9am until 6pm and on Saturday from 12 noon until 4pm.

      No need to ring just pop it in and we will take care of it for you

    • What do I need to bring in with my computer?

      That depends on what type of device you are bringing in. So as a guide:


      The charger is always very useful for us


      If it has a kettle type power lead then we do not need that However if it has a laptop type power connector or other type then please bring that in with it

      Monitor or Printer

      As in desktop above we do not need your power cable if it is the kettle type. If it has a unique connector (usually round) then please bring that with you


      Tablet or Mobile Phone

      The charger or data cable is useful depending on the fault


    • How long does work take?

      Again this depends on the fault.

      Some jobs go home the same day whilst others might require us to order in parts These parts can come from the UK, Europe, U.S or the Far East. Typically shipments from China and Hong Kong can take 6 weeks.

      In all our work adequate testing is important and experience has taught us that rushing a job can lead to errors being made or jobs being returned under warranty.


    • What warranties do you offer?

      Parts can having varying warranties Usually new items like hard drives etc come with at least a 12 month warranty. Screens come with a 3 month warranty.

      Smaller parts like chips and IC's tend not to come with any warranty whatsoever We also pass on the warranty that we have received from the supplier.

      Batteries and chargers come with a least one years warranty although some come with more

      We are the only place that we know of that offers a labour warranty.

      All the work that we do comes with a 75 day labour warranty. We even guarantee our virus removal service even though you could get re-infected yourself by visiting an infected site

      Our 75 day labour warranty provides peace and mind to our customers.



    • Do you fix Apple computers?

      This is actually a common question and yes we do and lots of them

      We carry out all sorts of repairs on Apple computers including hard disk replacement, liquid damaged and screen replacement.

      The list is endless

    • I cannot get to you during your trading hours!

      Being open on a Saturday often provides an extra opportunity for customer to drop off and collect their computers from us.

      However we understand that sometimes these times still don't allow you to get to us

      If you cannot get to us until just after 6pm then just give us a call and we will stay open for a little bit longer.

      We can also collect your computer from you by prior arrangement although there is a charge for this.

      You can also courier your computer to us but please make sure it is insured. If we return it to you by courier our insurance covers the value of your computer up to £3,000.

      Whatever the obstacle is in getting to us just give us a call and we can help remove that obstacle