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  • We have been fairly successful at recovering clients data ranging from broken USB flash drives to NAS drives.

    In our opinion there are three stages to data recovery and we carry out two of them in-house where we can keep the costs down. Sadly sometimes data recovery requires special skills and parts replacement which must be carried out in a "clean room" enviroment.

    For cases like this we turn to our partners who so far have had a 100% success rate albeit at a price. 

    Some jobs that come to mind have been;

    A student that snapped the USB stick that contained amongst other things their dissertation. In this case we were able to buy an exact replacement for the stick and transplant the memory chips from the broken drive to the new one. 

    A French lady who after she got married put all her wedding photos on a single external hard drive which then failed after being dropped. Again we were able to recover those photographs.

    A customer whose 8 year old 4 bay NAS drive suffered multiple drive failures. The NAS contained mostly his film and music collection and we are talking close to 2,000Gb worth of data. Probably our most expensive job but we only lost one film in the recovery.

    Of course the simple way to avoid having to have your data recovered is simply to have enough backups. You can never have enough backups.