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  • Our qualified Apple technicians have successfully carried out a wide range of repairs on all Apple Computers including:

    • Macbook Air
    • Macbook
    • Macbook Pro
    • iMac
    • Cinema Displays
    Replacement Hard Drives Either for increased space or because the current hard drive has failed or is failing.
    Replacement Screens  Usually because the existing screen has been dropped and broken or it has been damaged through pressure by the user.
    RAM Upgrades The more applications and updates you add to your computer the more RAM you will use. Add additional RAM to give your computer a speed boost
    Liquid Damage Sadly this is quite common and we have successfully repaired computers that have been damaged by animal urine, water, rainwater, fizzy drinks, tea, coffee, milk, baby vomit and broccoli and stilton soup. We even repaired one that had left submerged in a bath for two week. (Dont ask me why!)


    Sadly with Apple parts they can be expensive especially for replacement screens but we have access to refurbished parts and screens as well as new and this can often help reduce the cost of repair.