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  • Steve Bonnici, OwnerSteve

    Steve started out in his computer career way back in 1974 even before he knew what a computer was! He joined the Royal Air Force in 1974 and took a ground trade in communications.

    After a couple of UK postings he got sent to Germany where he worked at RAF Hehn an old Luftwaffe base outside of Moenchengladbach. Steve got his hands on his first computer here an ITT ADX6450. Steve wasnt an engineer at this time and his function was to ensure that as part of a team he and his colleagues kept the signals between Western Europe and the U.K flowing for both the RAF and the Army who were located just down the road at RAF Rheindahlen which was also home to British Army of the Rhine (BAO). Sadly like many of Steve's old bases RAF Hehn is no more and they have now built a new football ground on it for the local team Borussia Moenchengladbach.

    After leaving the RAF in 1981 Steve entered civvy street working for major merchant banks in the City of London. Steve maintained and managed dealing rooms ensuring that the traders voice and data services were functioning as they should be. After 10 years of early starts and weekend working Steve left the banking sector and started working for himself.

    By 2003 Steve found himself living in West London again. Having been brought up in Southall as a child he felt most at home here and settled in to a new flat in Brentford where he still lives today. When he first started Chiswick Computers (It was called First Computer Training then) Steve primarily offered training on Office and Windows products as well as Sage. However Steve soon found that his students were bringing their computers in for repair more and more and eventually the demand led his dropping the training side of the business and concentrate on repairs and support. In those days Steve was a one man band but demand soon meant that he had to expand and he now employs 3 engineers and a book-keeper. Streve also has two engineers that work outside of the shop visiting and supporting clients with Apple products and Microsoft Servers.

    Today Chiswick Computers now operates out of retail shop at the western end of King Street, where rents are a little bit more managable.


  • Lewis Kenny, technician

    Bio to follow