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  • Having a little time on my hands sat here on a Saturday I thought I would do a comparison between the number of Windows based computers that we get in for repair against Apple.

    According to the latest figures MacOS which is the operating found on Apple computers like MacBooks and IMacs but not iPads or iPhones account for just 9.75% of all devices in April 2020 whereas Windows was found on 86.92$ of all devices.

    So you would naturally expect that there was be significantly more Windows based repairs? But for us the figures are:


    Apple 37 devices came in for repair

    Windows 30

    I don’t normally machines like this but might adjust our booking in form so that I can in the futrure


    Just as a footnote we are open by appointment only

    You have to book your repair in by telephoning 02089125791 and once done an appointment will be made for you to bring it in.

    Also we are looking at changing our Saturday hours which are currently 12 noon until 4pm which were designed to give me a lay in on a Saturday because we are not that busy to 10am until 4pm as now I do not work Saturdays lol staff do





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