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  • We cannot recommend Will Cooper and his business Stanhope Cooper highly enough. In a world when we are plagued with increasing prices, aggressive selling and plain old companies that are just after your money Stanhope Cooper is a refreshing change from all the others in the jungle.

    I first met Will Cooper some years ago at BNI and when my shop and business insurance came up for renewal and some months later I asked William to provide us with a quote. His quote was on par with my then current faceless broker but it was the personal interaction that won me over. Will didn’t stay in BNI, nor did I for that matter but sometimes these relationships become forged because in BNI you know a good business when you see one.

    Since then Stanhope Cooper have been very professional in all of their dealings with us which really only amounts to the negotiation of the renewal each year, but in a friendly, family sort of way and of course that is what they are; a family business.

    But you may ask what has invoked this review that is about to hit social media. Well, quite simply their dedication to their clients and their honesty.

    Yesterday out of the blue I got an email from them:



    “Good morning Steve,

    Regarding the renewal of your commercial insurance that was renewed with effect from 31/08/2018, I am pleased to advise that insurers have processed this at a discounted rate and I now have pleasure in attaching your revised policy schedule and a credit note reflecting this.”


    Now I had no prior knowledge of this but the refund equates to about 20% of my last premium which was 8 months ago. I am told the money will hit my bank account after Easter 2019 and of course this bodes well for my next renewal in August.


    I ask myself when did this ever happen before and is it likely to happen again? No, I don’t think so.

    So my genuine thanks for a William Cooper and Stanhope Cooper for providing an excellent service to Chiswick Computers over the years.



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