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  • One of my clients who is based in the Midlands sent me her HP Elitebook that have suffered some form of failure.

    She shipped it down to me using the Royal Mails’ guaranteed delivery service at a cost of £14

    Quite reasonable when you consider that it is insured for up to £500.

    It took a couple of days to repair and today I took it over the Chiswick Post Office as the ones near us all seem to be closing.

    I popped in on the scales and was quoted £26.60 which was a bit of a shock.

    The old label was still partially visible and I could see that the weight was 2Kg and the cost £14 and so I queried it.

    “That’s the price” came the reply. I looked at the scale and the weight was registered at 2.006 so a 1,000th of a kilo or to you and I just one little solitary gram!

    Now bearing in mind that I shipped back exactly what was sent to me including packaging, box and items one has to ask whether there was justification for charging me just the £14 or even whether or not the @royalmail post office scales at Chiswick are calibrated?

    Incidentally, I looked online to clarify what their charges were and could not find a price list that listed £14 or £26.60

    Let’s hope that I have done a good job and it doesn’t have to be returned to me under our warranty!


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