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  • We get a lot of laptops in for repair and with those laptops, most customers also bring us in their laptop power supply.

    This normally consists of two parts. The mains cable and the power unit itself which takes it down from 240v to say 19v.

    Yesterday the 10th April we have a bit of an experience with one customers cable.

    Haveng already repaired her laptop we plugged in her power supply and  almost immediatley noticed a smell of burning.

    The smell became strong quite quickly and we soon realised it was her mains cable which we unplugged.

    We were quick shocked to find it had almost burnt in half. We can only guess that it must have been kinked or damaged in some way and applying current to it literally melted it in half.

    There is a lesson to be learnt here because we often get cables in in terrible condition. Only this week we refused to return a clients Apple Mac charger to her because it was so badly damaged it woulld have been irresponsible for us to give it back upon safety grounds.

    We will being covering the purchase of replacement batteries and power supplys for laptops in another blog later on but for now here is a little bit of advice.

    1. Always treat your cable with care

    2. Before plugging it in run your  hand down the lenght of it in an enclosed fist to ensure it is not knotted or kinked in any way. If it is resolve it befor plugging in.

    3. Never leave your power cable plugged in overnight. After all who will notice it when it starts to burn. Electricity can kill but it also can cause a fire.

    4. If you cable is in poor condition consider replacing it.


    Stay Safe – keep them cables on the straight and narrow


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    Good advice. As an electronic engineer I soon learned that one of the most important instruments in the lab was my nose. And to treat cables with respect. I hate to see them twisted, kinked or bent through sharp angles. Thanks for rescuing my PC recently. In the end it gave up the ghost entirely but you granted it another couple of years of life.

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