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  • HP is recalling 78,500 laptops due to a battery overheating issue with the subsequent risk of fire following the January 2018 recall of an intial 50,000 laptops.

    In a statement on the HP website HP is urging anybody who uses an affected model to request a replacement battery and apply a software update that switches their battery in to safe mode preventing it from charging.

    Fires from faulty batteries can be very serious due to the locations that laptops are normally left in and owners of HP laptops are encouraged to check whether their model is affected or not.

    Generally HP Probook, ZBook, x360, Pavilion, Envy, HP11 and Mobile Thin Client models are affected. If you own one of these please check the list below:

    The affected models were sold between December 2015 and April 2018 but bear in mind that retailers may have left over stock and sold them beyond April 2018 so we recommend you check on the HP website. Similarly laptops sold as refurbished after April 2018 maybe affected as well.


    HP Probook 640 G2 and G3

    HP Probook 645 G2 and G3

    HP Probook 650 G2 and G3

    HP Probook 430 G4

    HP Probook 440 G4

    HP Probook 450 G4

    HP Probook 455 G4

    HP Probook 470 G4



    HP ZBook 17 G3 and G4

    HP ZBook Studio G3


    HP x 360 310 G2


    HP Pavilion x360


    HP Envy M6

    HP 11

    HP 11 Notebook PC


    If you have replaced or added a battery to any of the models below you should also check:


    HP Probook 430 G5

    HP Probook 440 G5

    HP Probook 450 G5

    HP Probook 455 G5

    HP Probook 470 G5


    HP ZBook Studio G4


    HP Envy 15

    Mobile Thin Client

    HP mt20

    HP mt21

    HP mt31


    You can check if your model is affected by visiting the HP website and downloading the valideatin utility from here

    If we can be of any assistance please get in touch citing this blog post








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