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  • Does your IT Support provider warn you before a problem occurs?

    7th March 2018 | Blog | steve
  • Our Remote Management Tool alerted us today that a client hard drive was low on disk space.

    If allowed to go on his machine will slowly grind to a halt.

    Fortunately we monitor their computers 24/7 from our Hammersmith office and have now put a plan in to place to resolve the problem.

    At the time of writing this post he doesnt even realise it yet!


    As well as monitoring and keeping an eye on things for him whilst he is busy earning his company money we also ensure that his Application and Windows updates are up to date.

    Out of date applications or an upatched Windows operating system can be a weakness and an entry point for viruses and hackers.

    To find out more about how we can help you to continue working please contact Steve on 02089125791



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