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  • It is not everyday you find a seat on the bus in the rush hour but yesterday not only did I find a seat but I also found a Microsoft Surface Tablet belonging to the Department of Education.

    So the hunt begins today to see if I can reunite it with its owner. There were a few clues inside.

    A notebook – a paper one not an electronic

    4 pens – obviously this person is prepared as well as forgetful


    Some post it notes

    A couple of leaflets introducing the owner to their new laptop – oh dear.

    And some business cards – 8 of them in fact.

    So when I got home I tried ringing the number. No answer. Tried a few more times. Definitely not going to answer. It occurred to me that this might be the owner’s business phone and that he or she might not answer out of hours.

    I was really pleased to

    see that this tablet was protected by Bitlocker. Well done DfE. I had turned it to see if it had a Microsoft Account Login but did not try to get past the Bitlocker password request.

    So this morning I tried the number again and spoke with Rueben. I didn’t want to tell him what I had found but rather wanted to him to tell me what he had lost. Except he hadn’t and also his home and work  computers were both Dells.

    So we had a chat as to why the owner of this tablet would have 8 of his business cards inside the tablet sleeve. After a little bit of discussion he felt he knew the owners might be Lydia and promised to make contact with her and provide her with my number.

    If that doesn’t work then there is a number on the back of the tablet for me to call and report it as found which I will do but at this stage trying not to get the owner in to trouble with their bosses!

    Of course it is not the first thing that I have found.

    Once found a wallet in Marks and Spencers in  with close to a £1000 in it. I located the owner who was a local  business and had sent his son over to buy sandwiches. Could have been very expensive. I have also found two mobiles and have managed to return them to their owners.

    I will update you once I have located the owner of this tablet if I do!

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