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  • Had a young lady lug her 22Kg Brother printer in to us today for repair

    A week or so ago the printer had started making a burning smell and this was traced to the fuser unit which the customer decided she could repair So armed with a screwdriver and a YouTube video she managed to remove the old fuser unit and purchase a new one.

    When the new one arrived she was able to fit it quite easily but then could not remember where all the parts that she had taken out the week before now go After a valiant attempt and after having dropped one of the screws inside the machine she gave up and brought it in to us.

    It is always difficult when a customer brings their device in to us in carrier bag but Lewis was able to to reconstruct the printer and get it all working again.

    Whilst we think that customers should carry out their own repairs when they are confident they can do them we always advise to keep a note of what is removed and where from so that you can put it back together again especially if that is a week later when you just might have forgotten how you took it apart in the first place.

    Once the repair was complete we carried the printer out to her waiting car.


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